Welcome to the Law Office of Judson H. Shutt, Esq., located in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Mr. Shutt is in private practice providing strategic legal counsel to individual and small business clients on a wide variety of legal matters. With a diverse range of experience in estate planning and administration, consumer business transactions and corporate law, he provides quality legal services and preventative legal planning directed at meeting the specific needs of each client.

Most attorneys provide “legal-centric” advice, concentrating only on assisting the client with a specific legal issue. Mr. Shutt is a strong advocate of providing “client-centric” legal counsel, focusing not only on the specific legal issue but also how it interfaces with the individual’s or organization’s overall strategies, policies and goals. By applying a more strategic and relevant focus, Mr. Shutt can not only resolve the client’s specific legal issue but also coordinate the client’s course of action and assist the client in comprehensive planning for the future.

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