Judson H. Shutt, Esq. focuses on delivering quality legal counsel to meet each client’s specific needs. Strategic solutions and preventative legal planning are provided to individual and small business clients in the following areas:



Estate Planning/Estate Administration:  Wills, Trusts, Medical Directives, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, Probate Filing and Proceedings

Consumer Transactions:  General Consumer Legal Contracts, Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements, Consulting Agreements, Severance and Separation Agreements, Construction and Building Agreements

Residential Real Estate:  Agreements of Sale, Options to Purchase, Deed Preparation and Deed Transfers, Settlements and Closings

Landlord/Tenant:  Residential Leases, Residential Rental Agreements



Commercial Transactions: General Legal Contracts, Purchase Orders, Bills of Sale, Promissory Notes, Confession of Judgments, UCC Filings, Releases, Assignments and Business Acquisition Agreements, Consulting Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements, Severance and Separation Agreements, Confidentiality, Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Commercial Real Estate:  Agreements of Sale, Options to Purchase, Settlements and Closings, Deed Preparation and Deed Transfers

Commercial Landlord/Tenant:  Commercial Leases, Commercial Subleases, Commercial Rental Agreements

Business Entity Formation:  Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Corporations, S Corporations, LLC’s, Joint Ventures, Non Profit Associations, Fictitious Name Filings

Corporate Law: Articles of Incorporation, By Laws, Asset and Stock Acquisitions, Stock Pledge and Redemption Agreements, Corporate Reorganizations, Corporate Records Assessments